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Celebrating our summer students with the Soto-Feliciano lab. 


We run on Dunkin'! 



Sofia's preliminary exam party, July 2020 (celebration with Garg Lab).


Pandemic-era Happy Hour, May 2020.


Lab ski trip, February 2020.


"Pac-man" at the Koch Retreat, November 2019.
Left to right: Helen, Paul, Adam, Pedro, Grace, Swanny, Molly, Kate, Colin.  Front: Elaine.


Apple Picking, November 2019.
Left to right: Paul, Colin, Elaine, Pedro, Molly, Grace, Kate, Sofia, Adam, Swanny, Renin, Helen


Lab Hike, August 2019.
Left to right: Molly, Swanny, Adam, Helen, Pedro, Kate, Elaine, Paul


Rachit's thesis defense, May 2019.
Back row: Jackie, Paul, Renin, Hannah, Colin, Rachit, Helen, Molly, Adam
Front row: Kate, Elaine, Grace, April, Theresa


Hannah's thesis defense, April 2019.
Back row: Kate, Paul, Renin, Hannah, Helen, Molly, Paul, Jackie
Front row: Elaine, Grace, Colin


Lees Lab: current lab members and alumni, December 2018.
Back row: Colin, Paul, Tiziana, Roberta, Adam, Rachit, Molly, Grace
Front row: Anna, Emma, Helen, Kate, Hannah


Lees Lab holiday party, 2018.  
Back row, left to right: Paul, Colin, Rachit, Renin, Grace, Molly, Hannah, Kate
Front row: Elaine, Jackie, Helen, Adam


2018 Koch Retreat costume party

The Lees Lab dressed as “Holliday Junctions” for the 2018 Koch Retreat costume party.
From left to right: Colin (Thanksgiving), Rachit (Holliday junction), Grace (Christmas), Hannah (Oktoberfest), Kate (St. Patrick’s Day), Adam, (Flag Day), Elaine (Easter), Helen (4th of July), Molly (Halloween)


Lees Lab dinner at retreat (2018)

Lees Lab dinner at retreat (2018).
From front left, back and around: Helen, Colin, Hannah, Kate, Grace, Sara, Adam, Molly, Elaine, Rachit


2017 Koch retreat costume party

The Lees Lab dressed as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” for the 2017 Koch retreat costume party.
From left to right: Rachit (Grumpy), Helen (Salty), Grace (Sneezy), Renin (Snow White), Hannah (Happy), Elaine (Bashful)


Lees Lab portrait, 2017

Lees Lab portrait, 2017
1st row: Ravenne, Adam, Helen, Jackie, Rachit, Naniye, Paul, Paul
2nd row: Erika, Elizabeth, Elaine, Renin, Tiziana, Grace, Hannah, Molly


Lees Lab portrait, 2016

Lees Lab portrait, 2016.
1st row: Rachit, Molly, Camila, Tiziana, Dahlia, Monica, Vincent, Daniel, Helen, Emma,
2nd row: Paul, Roberta, Stephanie, Anna, Renin, Jackie (+ dogs), Adam, Paul


Lees Lab portrait, 2013

Lees Lab portrait, 2013.
1st row: Paul, Jackie, Simona, Adam, Keren, Mindy,
2nd row: Monica, Renin, Roberta, Tiziana, Daniel, Paul


Eunice's thesis defense, March 2005
Back row starting from the left: Kevin, Phil, Seth, Emily, Aaron, Laurie, Tiziana, Alyson, Paul
Front row starting from the left: Eunice, Maria, Ann Marie, Ali, Jen, Chris, Jackie


Maria's defense (July 2005)
Staring from the left: Chris, Alyson, Ann Marie, Maria (+Nico), Seth, Emily, Phil, Ali, Aaron


Aaron's thesis defense celebration (July 2005)
Staring from the left: Ali, Kevin, Juan, Nico,Maria, Seth, Chris, Jen, Jackie, Aaron, Emily


Lab skiing trip, cerca 2003

Lab skiing trip, circa 2003.
Left to right: Ricky, Matt, Julia, Maria, Eunice, Phil, Paul


Six Flags, 2002

Lees Lab at Six Flags, circa 2002.
From left to right: Ricky, Kevin, Jackie, Phil, Aaron, Eunice, Maria, Henriette, Jennifer, Paul


Jeff’s thesis defense party, 2001

Jeff’s thesis defense party, 2001
1st row: Paul, Kevin, Ricky, Frances, Julia, Maria, Aaron, Phil
2nd row: Eunice, Tammi, Jackie, Rebecca, Jeff, Jennifer